“I was misquoted.”

“They took what I said out of context.”

“I spent an hour talking to the reporter. Why did he use that?”

“We did the interview, but people still don’t know what our
organization does.”

“I talked to her a long time, but she ended up using someone
else’s comments.”

“The story didn’t turn out to be as it was presented to me at first.”


Many people see the media interview as an opportunity to promote their organization or event; others see it as an interrogation. But it’s best to view it as a collaboration; you and the interviewer are working together to tell your story the way it should be told.

Often, however, the story resulting from an interview – or your part in it – is a disappointment, leaving you to wonder what went wrong.

At DoubleDimond Public Relations, we show you how to make the most of every media opportunity – to present your story in a way that is sure to be remembered, to get accurate information and comments into a story, and to make sure your point of view is well-represented.

Individual and group training sessions tailored to your specific needs.

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  • Why being an expert in your field isn’t enough
  • How reporters approach an interview
  • Types of interviews and how to handle them
  • Your rights in an interview
  • How to stay out of trouble during an interview

Through a combination of interactive training, including lecture, discussion and practice interview sessions, you will become a far more confident interview subject and an effective media spokesperson for your organization.


""I had been interviewed by the news media before, but when the call came from 60 Minutes, I felt I needed some extra preparation. After working with Margot, I knew what to expect and felt much more confident. When the interview aired, I was very pleased that our message about children's education came through clearly and continues to have an influence as this segment is re-played throughout the country among educators and policymakers.""

− Dr. Linda McNeil - Co-Director, Center for Education at Rice University Author, Contradictions of School Reform: The Educational Costs of Standardized Testing (2000)

""Without Lisa’s coaching, I would not have felt as comfortable as I did when the time came for me to speak. With her advice, my thoughts were precise and organized. Her system of teaching was invaluable, and any time I am invited again for a public speaking engagement or media interview, I will call DoubleDimond. Many thanks for all your help!""

− Douglas Smith - President Smith Custom Builders, Inc.